Banowanie graczy w Diablo III za wykorzystanie exploitu szczelin

Blizzard zabiera się za banowanie graczy w Diablo III. Przyczyną jest wykorzystanie exploitu podczas grindowania szczelin.

blizzard wyjaśnia brak informacji o diablo 4 i diablo immortal

Wykorzystywanie bugów gry czy exploitów jest czymś zakazanym i wpisanym bezpośrednio w regulamin świadczenia usług danej gry. Blizzard od zawsze brał na poważnie takie sytuacje i prędzej czy później na graczy spadał banhammer deweloperów.

Exploit, o którym mowa polega na przechodzeniu Głębokich Szczelin solo, ale z bonusem drużyny, który jest przyznawany gdy gramy wspólnie ze znajomymi. Gracze, którzy otrzymają karę od Blizzarda zostaną zbanowani a ich wyniki z laddera zostaną cofnięte. O krokach jakie podejmą deweloperzy poinformowała Community Manager, Nevalistis. Podkreśliła ona, że opisywana sytuacja jest uznawana za cheatowanie.

It’s recently come to light that there is a method in which players can unfairly leverage the Seasonal buff, Pandemonium, in an unintended and unfair way to progress as a solo player. We wanted to let you know exactly what our stance is and what steps we’ll be taking to correct this.

First, utilizing a group buff to progress in solo Greater Rifts is not intended and will be considered cheating. Players found using this mechanic may have their accounts suspended or closed, based on severity of abuse as well as previous account history. These account actions are between Blizzard and the offending players, so please note we will not be commenting on the status of accounts on a public basis, as has always been our standard practice.

Second, we will be deleting any and all clears from the Leaderboards where we have been able to confirm this exploit was utilized.

Third, we will be fixing this exploit. We ask that you do not make use of this exploit in the meantime while we are working to deploy a patch. Our team is already at work on a solution and, as soon as it’s ready for deployment, we’ll update this thread accordingly. We won’t detail this exploit here, but it takes some planning, know-how, and research to make use of this; this is not the type of exploit you can perform by accident.

Lastly, this is a good time to remind the community of a few things:

– Third party addons of any kind are strictly prohibited. While any kind of botting software falls clearly under violation of our Terms of Service, for Diablo III, this also includes any kind of overlay software, map hacks, or any other addons or alterations to the client. Addons are not supported for Diablo III and use of them may result in account warnings or permanent account closure.

– We are committed to continuing to support Diablo III, including taking action against botting and cheating. Please keep in mind that we do routine actions to keep Sanctuary fair for everyone, and we will not regularly provide public notice of mass account actions.

We’re working on resolving this issue as quickly as possible and thank the community for bringing it to our attention, expressing your concerns thoughtfully, and having patience while we remain committed to our Blizzard principles of Play Nice, Play Fair and Commit to Quality.

Thank you.

To co podkreśliła Nevalistis to fakt, że aby wykorzystać exploit trzeba wykonać określone czynności w pewnej kolejności. Nie ma możliwości wykorzystania go przypadkiem co oznacza, że najpewniej 100% graczy, którzy wykorzystali ten exploit zostanie dotkniętych karami.