Ogromny przeciek World of Warcraft na BlizzCon 2021!

W sieci pojawił się przeciek wprost ze strony Blizzarda w odniesieniu do World of Warcraft na BlizzCon 2021!

potężny przeciek World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Już jutro startuje BlizzCon 2021. Konwent po raz pierwszy dostępny będzie w wersji online zupełnie za darmo dla wszystkich widzów. Jednak im bliżej imprezy, tym więcej przecieków pojawia się w sieci. Omawiany w tym artykule pochodzi wprost ze strony z materiałami PR. Poznajcie szczegóły patcha 9.1 World of Warcraft Shadowlands Chains of Domination oraz World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic!

Uwaga spoilery fabularne! Poniższą treść czytacie na własną odpowiedzialność!

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Chains of Domination

W ujawnionych materiałach wiemy już jaki tytuł nosić będzie najnowsza aktualizacja w World of Warcraft. Chains of Domination wprowadzi na serwery patch 9.1. Bohaterowie po pokonaniu Denathriusa będą kontynuowali próby zrozumienia świata Jailera i natury jego planów. Nieoczekiwanie główny antagonista ma do dyspozycji nową broń…

The traitorous Sire Denathrius has been defeated . . . but the power of the Maw still grows. In Chains of Domination™, the upcoming first major content update for World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands, players will delve into new depths of the Jailer’s hopeless domain, seeking to understand the true nature of his malignant plans. Backed by the renewed might of the four Covenants, the champions of the Horde and the Alliance will take the fight for the Shadowlands to the seat of the Jailer’s power. But the Banished One has a terrible new champion in his service—a cruel instrument of despair conscripted by Sylvanas Windrunner, capable of instilling dread into the hearts of Azeroth’s heroes like no creature of the Shadowlands.

Discover the Mysteries of Korthia – The Jailer is searching for the key to fulfill his twisted designs—and he has pulled a fragment of a long-lost domain into the Maw itself to find it. Seek answers in ancient Korthia, the City of Secrets, and engage in new quests and outdoor activities.

The Covenants Strike Back – With the strength of the kyrian, night fae, necrolords, and venthyr restored, embark on a campaign to unite the four covenants—and together, launch an assault against the Jailer in his home territory.

Raid the Sanctum of Domination – Brave treacherous, unexplored reaches of Torghast in a new 10-boss raid: the Sanctum of Domination. Encounter the true Eye of the Jailer, turn the tide against the Tarragrue, and come face-to-face with the Banshee Queen herself in a fateful confrontation.

New Mega-dungeon – Tazavesh, the Veiled Market—Gather your party and discover exotic wares and strange creatures in an eight-boss Mythic mega-dungeon set in a bazaar of the mysterious Brokers, and culminating in a high-stakes heist to steal powerful artifacts from Azeroth.

And More – Gear up for Shadowlands Raid, Dungeon, and PvP Season 2, with a seasonal Mythic Keystone dungeon affix themed around the Jailer’s power; don new Covenant cosmetic armor sets that any class can wear; expand the powers of your Soulbinds and Conduits; add new mounts and pets to your menagerie; Unlock flying in the Covenants’ four domains; and much more.

Największym spoilerem materiałów PR jest wizerunek Anduina Wrynna jako Rycerza Śmierci…

World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic

Potwierdziły się przecieki, o których informowaliśmy już Was kilkukrotnie. Klasyczny World of Warcraft doczeka się dodatku The Burning Crusade.

Journey through the Dark Portal once again in World of Warcraft®: Burning Crusade Classic™! Originally released in January 2007, The Burning Crusade summoned the heroes of Azeroth to the shattered and fel-scarred realm of Outland to stop an invasion of the demonic Burning Legion. In 2021, Blizzard Entertainment’s recreation of the first World of Warcraft expansion will give players from around the world a chance to return to Outland as it once was to relive an era of timeless adventure—or experience what awaits beyond the Dark Portal for the first time.

Rediscover the Broken World of Outland – Flee the fel reavers who roam Hellfire Peninsula, dive deep beneath the swamps of Zangarmarsh to confront what lurks below, and clash with the demonic agents of the Burning Legion in the shadow of the Black Temple.

Join the Fight as a Blood Elf or Draenei – The ranks of the Horde and the Alliance grow! Fight for the Horde as the blood elves, seeking a new source of the arcane power that once sustained them, or join the Alliance as the draenei, exiles from Outland in search of a new home.

The Saga Unfolds Over Time – Content from the original game will roll out in phases, at a cadence paced for the WoW Classic community. Prepare for the opening of the Black Temple, gear up to confront the gods of Zul’Aman, and gather your allies to face the fury of the Sunwell.

Burning Crusade Features Reborn – Prove your prowess in the Arena PvP system, enhance your gear with the Jewelcrafting profession, take to the skies over Outland on flying mounts, choose whether to seek the aid of the Aldor or the Scryers of Shattrath, and much more.

Choose Your Era – Prior to Burning Crusade Classic’s release, WoW Classic players can decide whether to advance each of their characters to the Burning Crusade era with the rest of their realm, or to continue playing the original WoW Classic content on new Classic Era servers.

Included With Existing World of Warcraft Subscriptions – As with WoW Classic, anyone who subscribes to World of Warcraft can also play Burning Crusade Classic at no additional cost, giving players the freedom to enjoy multiple eras of Azeroth at their own pace.

Wielu powyższych rzeczy można było się już wcześniej spodziewać. Teraz jednak mamy oficjalne potwierdzenie z repozytorium Blizzarda.